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1. To become a Member on our site, individuals will be required to enter personal information on the registration form on our site. Individuals are responsible for inputting all necessary information as accurately and completely as possible when registering for Membership.


2. Members are limited to one account per person, and registration of multiple accounts is not encouraged. In the event that an individual is determined to have multiple accounts, we reserve the right to suspend or delete the member's account(s) if Members Code of Conduct has been breached. We will not be held liable for any damages or losses caused as a result of this.


3. Persons are prohibited from having third parties register to become a Member on their behalf.

Minors (Under 16 years of age) who wish to become a Member on our site must first obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian.


4. In the case that any of the following instances are found, we reserve the right to deny membership, suspend, cancel and delete Members and Members Accounts and Account Content and Posts. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Membership after approval of Membership registration.

(1) If a person's Membership has been cancelled or suspended in the past.

(2) If a person is found to be in breach of the Membership Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

(3) If a person has intentionally acted to obstruct or harm the operation of our service.

(4) If falsehoods, inaccuracies, or insufficient information is found in a person's registered information.

(5) If a minor has registered for our service without obtaining permission from a parent or legal guardian.

(6) If a person has violated any of our Terms of Service.

(7) Any other case we deem appropriate in accordance with our Terms of Service.

5. Once we have approved Member registration, a user ID and password (hereinafter "ID", etc.) will be granted to the Member. Members are responsible for protecting their own user ID and password information and are responsible for regularly changing their password. We are not liable for any losses or damages incurred from a member's negligence of this responsibility.


6. Members are prohibited from the sharing, lending, transfer, sale, etc. of their account benefits or user ID to a third party.


7. Upon confirmation of a registered user ID and password, we consider the user of the account to be the owner and use of the account to be the member's full responsibility. We will not be liable for any losses even in the case of unauthorized use of an ID by a third party. Payment to cover any damages incurred to the member or our company will be the member's responsibility.


8. Members are responsible for immediately updating any registered information accordingly on their Profile Page (account management page, hereinafter "Profile page") in the event of any changes. We are not liable for any losses or damage incurred due to a member's negligence or failure to comply with the designated procedures on our site. Our company will not be held liable for any inconveniences or damages caused by this.


9. Members are able to withdraw Membership and deactivate their account through the designated procedures on their account page. We reserve the right to judge the account as inactive and deactivate it.

10. The following are prohibited when using this website. Such actions will result in Members being Banned from the Network and their Accounts and Content deleted.

i) Infringement of the rights and good name of this website, other Members, or any third party;

ii) Inputting false information; and/ or all illegal conduct;

iii) Violation of laws or regulations;

iv) Violation of any of our regulations, Terms of Service, Terms of Use and code of Conduct.

v) Inappropriate, offensive, bullying or negatively related comments, content or actions.

vi) Infringement of Intellectual Property and/ or Branding and/ or registered Trademark and/or copy-right infringements of third-parties; for which the infringing Member is held accountable, Positive Bunch is not be liable.

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