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Updated: Feb 17

By Sara Allen.

YouTube is the undisputed media darling of the digital age! A quick Google search will show you that over 2 Billion* of us watch YouTube each month- an average of 30 million viewers online each day!

Surfing the 'Tuber-verse' is brilliant way to learn something new, do some research for the next travel destination (for when we can pack our bags again!) or just chill, relax and have a laugh!

Did You Know?

YouTube is the second most visited site on the Internet*, with (of course) Google taking out the number one position.

The first video ever posted was by the San Diego Zoo 14 years ago and the video that broke the viewing counter was Gangnam Style by Psy, a South Korean pop star*. The video was poised to exceed 2,147,483,647 plays, at which point YouTube would have been unable to count any higher~ it was changed after this!

Earlier this year, Korean pop group BTS released their single ON and became the biggest YouTube Premiere of all time, with 1.54 million concurrent viewers*. Then more recently Baby Shark, a children's song recorded by South Korean company Pinkfong, has now become the most-watched video ever on YouTube; played over 7.04 billion times!*

Here are some great YouTube Channels and videos, from seriously crazy and hair-raising road trips, amazing food and travel destinations, incredible drone footage that is a must watch; through to funny videos including those cute cat and dog ones that seem to enchant us all!

Show Me The World


Worth Watching - Most Dangerous Roads - Philippines

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern


Worth Watching - Bizarre Foods - Hawaii USA

Mojo Travels


Worth Watching - Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World



Worth Watching - Grigori Rasputin - The Devil Incarnate

Soul Pancake


Worth Watching - Kid President meets President Obama

Free Documentary


Worth Watching - Deadliest Roads - Madagascar & Peru

Lucas T. Jahn


Worth Watching - Namibia Travel Documentary



Worth Watching - Babies Laughing At Pets

Best Documentary


Worth Watching - Deadliest Journeys - Nepal

BBC Earth

Channel: Worth Watching - A Celebration Message from Sir David Attenborough

Mark Wiens


Worth Watching - The Spiciest Ramen in Tokyo - Devil Level

4K Relaxation Channel


Worth Watching - 4K Drone Footage - Croatia



Worth Watching - St Petersburg 4K - Russia

Nature Relaxation Films


Worth Watching - Underwater Footage 4K

The Dodo


Worth Watching - Takis - Man Gives Up Everything To Save Animals

Tiger Productions


Worth Watching - The All Important - Funny Cat Videos

Nature Therapy


Worth Watching - Ocean Stormy Seas

Cat Trumpet


Worth Watching - Burning Fireplace

Great list to share, why not add your recommendations in the comments?

* Sources:

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