You've Got Mail!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Milly Williams.

Did you ever have a Pen Pal? Or remember when receiving a personal letter from a friend gave you a thrill and couldn't wait to open and read!!

Many associate writing letters to be a past time for an older generation, however, during lockdown, there has been a surge in calls for communication, especially with those who may be more at risk.

Pen palling is a great way to communicate, build relationships and can be done through many methods; whether it is digital, or good old pen and paper.

You can connect with communities and people that you may never would have crossed paths with otherwise. Creativity can also come with writing expression, sharing stories and even decorating letters, which can help in many other ways because it can reintroduce you to the beauty of writing for pleasure.

This is something that I have not had for a while as a student, but I found through Pen palling I have been able to expand my own personal description and vocabulary again!

Not only can you draw, and write within pen pal letters, you can also swap items, like stationary, such as stickers and washi tape. They can really help in making letters look beautiful and can be used in journaling of your own.

I also like adding other things, like tea bags, recommendations, and recipes because its lovely to share culture and little things about yourself with your pen pal.

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube can give inspiration on decoration and content of letters, with beautifully themed letters and envelopes. My favourite theme that I’ve seen is Alice in Wonderland, with a hand drawn Alice, Sadly I don’t have that kind of talent, but it gives me excellent inspiration.

Of course, pen palling through pen and paper is not the only way in which you can communicate, many have chosen to become email pen pals, or social media pals, this means that communication is far quicker and can be far more beneficial for many, who may prefer a constant communication. It is also easier to send pictures, and links to funny videos that you’d think they would like, and the letter can be written and delivered within a few minutes.

My experience with pen palling has been so fun, and has reignited my love for writing and creating; as well as connecting me to new people. It has helped me not feel lonely during quarantine and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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