Water a Flower Day

By Rachel Monaghan.

National Water a Flower Day is on 30th May. Yes, there is a National Water a Flower Day! Aside from just looking very pretty, and brightening up a room, flowers also have many other benefits and this day is to ponder and appreciate the many benefits provide.

Studies have shown that flowers can have long term positive effects on our moods. After receiving flowers, study participants reported feeling less anxious, depressed and agitated. As well as this they reported higher life satisfaction and a sense of enjoyment. There is also environmental benefits of planting and watering flowers. Plants and flowers take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which ‘cleans’ the air. As well as this, plants and flowers don’t just work above ground, they also clean the soil by taking up chemicals and heavy metals that lie in the soil and this works towards a healthier ground.

This day brings special attention to flowers and the many properties they benefit us with, such as their medicinal-, therapeutic-, and aesthetic properties. Flowers are used by scientists to extract important medicinal qualities that have helped people overcome problems related to their skin, hair, organs, immunity, etc. https://nationaltoday.com/national-water-flower-day/

Planting and watering flowers is also good for the falling bee populations. Bee's retrieve nectar from plants so that they can produce honey and in turn, they carry pollen from one plant to another which enables the plants to reproduce. Without bees, there would be significantly less flowers and plants which is not good for the environment.

To help save the bees you can plant particular flowers that Bee's love to retrieve nectar from. Examples of flowers that are really good for bees are lavender and sunflowers and people are encouraged to plant them in their gardens to boost the growth of bee populations.

To celebrate National Water a Flower a Day, why not go out and buy some seeds, plant them, water them and enjoy the worthwhile experience of watching them grow into beautiful flowers!