The Wonder Years

By Hayley Brennan.

Why is the sky blue? Is Mr Kipling a real person? Why do Zebras have stripes? Were ‘Hula Hoops’ designed to fit on your fingers, or was that purely a coincidence? Who is in charge of naming each storm we have? Why do flies always fly in a circle around a light fitting? Was the colour orange named before or after the fruit itself?

Did you know?

So many questions!

Maybe it’s because I have been working with young children for many years now...

Perhaps that is the reason why I’ve never quite shaken off asking questions akin to that of a young child going through a ‘but why?’ phase!

Endearing? Perhaps…

Frustrating? Sometimes!

Necessary? Definitely!!

A constant stream of questions can drive my nearest and dearest to distraction... but it means we never stop learning which can only be a good thing - every day’s a school day, after all!

(I’ve even been known to have my own ‘I’ll Google it later!’ notepad, so I can jot down questions when they crop up!)

Nurturing your inquisitive, inner child


It’s human nature to be curious.

But as adults, everyday life can take over and the natural curiosity we have in childhood wanes a little.

There are ways to nurture your inner child!

Here are a few ideas:

Watch a Documentary

Did you know that every loo roll starts off as one giant roll of toilet paper?! Amazing, I know. ‘Inside the factory’ with Gregg Wallace is brilliant for finding out how stuff is made. And you can’t go wrong watching anything by Sir David Attenborough or Professor Brian Cox for nature and space facts. Both are eye-opening and awe inspiring in equal measure.

Have a conversation with a little person

The way children see the world is just delightful. They’ll offer you a new perspective on so many things and may surprise you with their insightful views on big topics. (I once asked my niece the age-old question: what came first, the chicken or the egg? To which she immediately replied: ‘Well eggs came first of course, because that’s where dinosaurs came from.’ Silly me!)

Soul Pancake has some great video of Children asking questions, like this one:

Here is a short video of some children chatting with a 101 year old lady! "What you did not have a phone?!"

Take part in a familiar activity from your childhood. Make some jelly, have Angel Delight for pudding, build a den, watch a Disney film or an old cartoon. Recapture some of that childhood magic.

Open the archives

Remember when

Look through old family photos and reminisce over childhood holidays and memories.

Rare Historical Photos

Some of them you just can't believe:

Have a go

Learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s juggling, horse-riding, doing a handstand/ the splits, baking a multi-layered rainbow cake. Whatever you fancy doing: take a course, book it in and give it a go!)

Keep your own ‘I’ll Google it later’ book (Or, if you have a better memory than I do, just Google on the go!)

Never stop asking questions and finding answers; even for things you think you should already know.

It's a wonderful journey!