The Kindest of Hearts

By Aaina Chopra.

This week we are shining the spotlight on an amazing initiative started by 10 year old Orion Jean ~ the Race to Kindness project!!

Race to Kindness was launched by Orion Jean. He is from Fort Worth, Texas and on a mission to bring more kindness to the world. He is always looking for ways to help other people and he is doing this through two campaigns – ‘Race to 100K meals’ and ‘Race to 500 toys’. He recognised the awful impacts COVID-19 was having on many people’s daily lives and wanted to do something to help.

Back in July, Orion entered the 2020 National Kindness Speech contest and won! Instead of spending the winnings on himself, Orion generously used his $500 to buy toys for children in need. He then was inspired to create his own charity events based on the phrase ‘Race to Kindness’. Orion then began his ‘Race to 500 toys’ campaign! Eventually, he managed to go way beyond his initial target and donate 619 toys to a children’s hospital in his local area.

In a second event, launched in October, Orion now focussed on people who were struggling with food insecurity because of the pandemic. His race to 100,000 meals is aimed at helping countless families in need around the thanksgiving period. The campaign was nationwide in the US and ran throughout November. To hear Orion talk about his amazing project, look here.

What a positively amazing message Orion, you have all our the support from us here at Positive Bunch.

To find out more and support Race to Kindness refer to the following website

Orion you are our Kindness Superhero!