The Brilliant Club

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Is on a Mission!

The Brilliant Club is a charity in the UK whose mission is to increase the number of underrepresented secondary school students progressing to selective universities.

They recognise schools that serve less affluent communities are two and a half times more likely to face barriers when trying to work with universities.

The Brilliant Club tries to counter this through their projects with the aim to make university more accessible to state schools and students from less privileged backgrounds.

They do this through two main programmes, both of which utilise the power of PhD students. The Brilliant Club places them in schools to inspire and help secondary school students. This is done through either teaching and mentoring or through presentations in schools.

The work done by The Brilliant Club has impacted many young people and research done by UCAS, the platform for University admissions, shows that pupils who have been involved in the Brilliant Club are “significantly more likely to secure a place at a highly-selective university”.

The Brilliant Club is doing is life-changing work and they are fulfilling their mission of increasing underrepresented students at top universities – a truly uplifting mission!

Simply Genius!

Aaina Chopra