Sunny days are here again

By Aaina Chopra.

Now that we are officially in Summer and as COVID restrictions are easing in the UK, you may be needing some ideas for some summer activities you can do!

Below, we have come up with a few, unique ideas of things you can do this summer; whether it is by yourself, or with friends and family, the main thing is to have some fun!

1. Beach Day

This is quite an obvious suggestion, but why not try going to a local beach or a quieter beach that you have not visited before! Avoid the crowds by visiting a less well-known place and make sure you grab a picnic or support a local restaurant to spend the day fully enjoying the sights. To make the most of your day, why not get to the beach for sunrise and pack a breakfast picnic?

2. Visit a Pick Your Own Farm

Dotted around the UK are a number of farms that are home to fresh produce, usually fruits and vegetables, that you can pick yourself! Wander around fields of strawberries and raspberries and pick some onions or courgettes from the ground – picking it yourself is not only fun but also ensures that you get the best produce. Why not grab something that you haven’t tried before and make a new recipe when you get home?

3. Arts and Crafts Day

Whilst arts and crafts are not for everyone, having an artsy day with friends or family can make some great memories! For some at home DIY ideas, you can give embroidery, pottery painting or knitting a go. If it’s a sunny day, why not get out into the garden and create some art in the sun? If you would prefer to get out of the house, you could even go to a pottery café and give vase making a go. Similarly, you could try silver ring making or a canvas painting class!

4. Go to a Street Food Market

Street food markets can be found outdoors or indoors and provide for an amazing experience. They are home to some of the best dishes and the variety of different vendors means you can try a bit of everything!

Take a couple of friends and you can buy a number of dishes to share. Here is an article on some of the best ones in the UK that you can visit -

5. Try out a new sport

You may be an avid runner, or love a good surf but why not try out a new sport this summer? It’s an amazing way to keep fit but is also a lot of fun! As COVID restrictions ease, many sports clubs are beginning to start classes again. So this might be the summer you find a new passion for kickboxing, become a spin-class lover or take on yoga! Whatever it is, make sure you have a good time & stay safe!