SIMA Orphanage Kenya

By Aaina Chopra.

A few weeks ago, we received a message from Johnstone Sikulu-Wanjala, who is the Founder of the SIMA Orphanage Home in Kenya; he came across our Positivity Blog and wanted to share their story.

Positive Bunch is dedicated to supporting projects that are actively making a difference out there and we have to say that the amazing Team from SIMA are doing their very best to support, house, educate and care for over 1700 children per year during very tough health and economic times.

SIMA Orphanage Kenya

Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya

Kitale has a population of over 162,000 people (as of 2019) and is accessible by air with an airport.

The SIMA Community based organisation (CBO) was founded in 29th September 1994. Operating as an independent home for orphans, abandoned and destitute children, SIMA CBO has cared for more than 6,000 children from birth to adulthood since it was established. Over a 12 month period they care for approx 1700 children, with an average of over 210 at any one time in residence. SIMA have created programs for re-housing and new homes, foster homes and also adoption services. The orphanage staff ensure that all the children are protected for and are safe, whilst having an enriching upbringing by providing quality schooling and health education.

They especially focus on making sure that all the young people at the orphanage are educated about the risks of HIV/AID and they regularly run campaigns to raise awareness. Similarly, we can see that the orphanage is ensuring that all their projects run in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring that they train the youth for peace building and as catalysts for social change. This ensures that future generations are equipped with all the skills they need to succeed in their lives, but also ensure that they are able to better the lives of those in their communities.

Here is what Johnstone has to say about how they are managing in the COVID-19 crisis:

"SIMA CBO humbly requests that to share the story of our project and possibly consider to support the purchase of foodstuff and school supplies materials for the orphans and vulnerable children. During the pandemic COVID-19 pandemic which is seriously killing many people in the world. We are worried about our kids in Kenya. We continue losing the young children due to the pandemic and we are appealing for your urgent help to find us the masks, cloves and sanitizers soaps and food.   We are also trying to find ways to make sure we have supply of food so we can feed these kids".

"Food is very important issue to the school as we need 1,000 bags of maize, which is that one bag of the maize for 90kgs cost $37.50, 200 bags of the beans, one bag of the bean for 90kgs cost $50, 200 bags of the rice for 50kgs cost $63, and... 200 bags of the carton of cooking fat.

Therefore, if one child eats $1 per day and if there are 212 children they are supposed to eat $212 per day; may also multiply for one week and the month will get what they cost. When individuals first started helping us, the children had gone days without food. It’s terrible that children worry if they will be able to eat". [currency quoted in USD]

Yours sincerely Johnstonne S Wanjala".

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the team at SIMA are being stretched to the limit to maintain food for the children and while they are adapting to the circumstances to ensure that all the children are safe and protected, whilst still continuing their schooling- they are seeking all the support they can get.

How you can help? Share SIMA's Story! If you would like to donate to the SIMA Orphanage, get in contact with us here at Positive Bunch and we will assist in the process.

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