Safe Soulmates

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Tina Lai.

We can all agree that everyone - despite their age, race, gender, disability - deserves to find love, friendship and overall happiness in their life.

Yet, the act of finding and creating friendships and/or love isn’t always easy for others and, sadly, this can lead to a loss of confidence and trust - in themselves and others - and hope of ever being able to find companionship.

But not all hope is lost for these individuals because there is help for them; let us introduce you to Safe Soulmates!

Safe Soulmates is a not-for-profit organisation in Cambridgeshire, helping diversely abled adults connect with new people to socialise together; have fun together and create long lasting friendships and/or love - all in a safe way, free from online-abuse and real-life abuse. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more!

They provide further support by offering a one-to-one introduction service where they help arrange friendship meetups and romantic dates between two Soulmates who would both like to get to know each other further.

Once a match is established they also chaperone these meetups online and in real to make sure everyone’s safe and comfortable - which brings us onto our next topic: the fun activities that these guys get up to!

They would go on boat trips, to the pub, bars, discos, concerts and gigs, coffee shops, the cinema and bowling - anything and anywhere that people wanted to do. They’d even go on walks and runs (now at a safe social distance).

On Zoom they have bootcamps, pub nights, a ladies chat and a parent/carer chat. They have also joined in on quiz nights and dance sessions hosted by Gr8mates - who are a friendship and dating organisation based in Bedford. (Amazing!)

All the activities they get up to sound extremely fun and enjoyable - plus it really goes to show how committed Safe Soulmates are for going the extra mile during this pandemic to make sure that their Soulmates can still have fun together safely online and at a safe social distance in real life during this pandemic.

Since the launch of Safe Soulmates, back in February 2019, they have grown so much and to this date, they have 9 couples in romantic matches to date, who are going strong with one couple who is engaged (yay!), while the rest remain as friends (woohoo!).

We can’t praise Safe Soulmates enough. This is a wonderful organisation that supports friendships, romantic relationships and above all, the safety of their Soulmates because they believe that everyone deserves to find happiness safely - which we couldn’t agree more!

If you or anyone you know would like to join Safe Soulmates or if you want to find out more and support the amazing work they are doing - visit their website and check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We love this!