Rescue Me

By Sara Allen.

When I was a young child, I wished so much I could grow up fast or be an adult with the snap of my fingers... because it seemed that Adults could do anything they wanted!! I would find all the animals I could and take care of them... and live with the animals just like Dr. Dolittle!!

Now as an Adult (and wishing I could roll-back some of those years...) we have been able to support, adopt and provide homes for a few rescue dogs; and this experience has given us the insight and appreciation for people who make it their life's passion.

One positive impact from the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in people choosing to adopt a rescue animal or become paw-parents for the first time. But on the flip-side, for some countries there has been a huge wave of animals being handed over to the rescue Shelters or worse, being left on the streets...

Dog rescue

The Positive Bunch Team is made up from wonderful Volunteers who live in different locations and Countries around the World. Quite a few of us are seeing first-hand how local- Community projects and/or home based Animal Rescuers are desperately struggling with hundreds of abandoned animals.