Rescue Me

By Sara Allen.

When I was a young child, I wished so much I could grow up fast or be an adult with the snap of my fingers... because it seemed that Adults could do anything they wanted!! I would find all the animals I could and take care of them... and live with the animals just like Dr. Dolittle!!

Now as an Adult (and wishing I could roll-back some of those years...) we have been able to support, adopt and provide homes for a few rescue dogs; and this experience has given us the insight and appreciation for people who make it their life's passion.

One positive impact from the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in people choosing to adopt a rescue animal or become paw-parents for the first time. But on the flip-side, for some countries there has been a huge wave of animals being handed over to the rescue Shelters or worse, being left on the streets...

Dog rescue

The Positive Bunch Team is made up from wonderful Volunteers who live in different locations and Countries around the World. Quite a few of us are seeing first-hand how local- Community projects and/or home based Animal Rescuers are desperately struggling with hundreds of abandoned animals.

Why is this happening?

Due to COVID, many people have lost their jobs which impacts their ability to support themselves financially; particularly when residing in another Country where there may not be any Government social-support systems or as a non-Citizen, you are not eligible for assistance.

Cat rescue

People are faced with decisions on downsizing or trying to return to their home country as quickly as possible. Or having to move to a new home that may not allow Pets.

When COVID first started, a lot of Countries put a stop to animal relocations; people were not allowed to take their pets with them if relocating back from overseas.

When it might be possible, the costs for pet-relocations need to be covered and for older or poor health animals; owners need to consider the impact and stress of the journey as well.

Very sadly Rescuers are seeing domesticated Cats being left on the Streets in large numbers... The Cats are left and need to fend for themselves for the first time in their lives! If they are in locations where street Cats roam - they are often then attacked or injured in traffic accidents... Where a Cat has not been neutered, Kittens are starting to pop-up all over the place! It is a literal cat-astrophe!

Here at Positive Bunch, we have started a Go Fund Me Campaign for anyone who might be able to assist with some of the Vet and Medical bills for local-Community Rescuers. We will provide details for what little paw-case your donation will go towards and help.

Please consider helping and sharing this post, or maybe contact a local Rescue Shelter or Organisation and see if you can help.

Foster Parents and homes are also desperately needed!!

Maybe you can help some little ones be saved-by-a-Whisker!

PS: Wondering what life is like living with hundreds of animals?? Then take a look at some of the videos from Takis Shelter!!

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