Rediscovering Happiness

By Karen Mandy.

Over the years I’ve had moments when I’ve thought about sitting down and writing a book. But, as an English graduate, I was my own worst critic and would get so caught up in structure and grammar that nothing worthwhile ever made it to paper.

In 2016, my children had all left home and I was struggling to find purpose and value in my life and so decided to spend a year training to be a life coach. It was through helping others that I got helped.

I realized that life is about the journey and that happiness can be built (even when things are tough) by focusing daily, on the small things we can be grateful for.

The Rediscovering Happiness Journal is there to help others who, just like I was, are struggling to find happiness in their lives right now and who just need a guiding hand to get them back on track.

Each page had an inspirational quote and a few words from me to get you thinking. There is plenty of space for you to journal and capture your thoughts and some fun activities and challenges to get you motivated.

My awesomely talented friend, Judi Groenewald has done a wonderful job of typesetting and illustrating the journal and it is available on Amazon (UK and US) in both a hard and soft cover as a beautiful coffee table book. I’ve been told it makes a wonderful gift. Click here to view on Amazon UK.

Publishing this journal is a life-long dream showing up in reality!

We love this!

Amazon links for the hardback and the paperback: hardback: paperback: hardback: paperback: