Real Life Heroes!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Aaina Chopra.

There are estimated to be five million upper-limb amputees globally and UK based innovators, Open Bionics from Bristol, UK have developed 3D printed, bionic Hero Arms that are radically changing people’s lives; they are turning the loss of a missing limb into a literal superpower!

The pioneers behind this life-changing project are Joel Gibbard and Samantha Payne who, alongside their team, have transformed the lives of a number of people. Their development is inspired by science fiction and has won many awards, such as the James Dyson Award for Engineering and the UAE AI & Robotics International Award for Good, which recognise the amazing work of Open Bionics.

Each bionic arm is custom made – the full-arm weighing less than 1kg. Thus, this device empowers recipients to do tasks that may have otherwise been impossible- imagine being able to eat food, style your hair, brush your teeth and shake hands or give a high-five! It’s being able to do little things each day that make a world of difference…

Disney has even opened their licensing to Open Bionics so Hero Arm covers can be created in Characters such as Star Wars BB-8, Marvel Iron Man, Disney Frozen and Deus Ex!

Meet Tilly Lockey

Tilly Lockey was only 15 months old when she unfortunately had to have both her hands amputated. The Hero Arm has been life-changing for Tilly, allowing her to be more independent, social and even something she was been wanting to do all her life... do her own make-up!

You can read more awesome stories on the Bionic Squad just like Tilly’s on the Open Bionics website. Positively inspiring!!

We love this so much, we are providing funds for hero-arms through our Crowdfunding campaign!