Quarantine Christmas

By Santa's Little Helper: Aaina Chopra

It is unclear what Christmas will look like this year; here at Positive Bunch we have decided to create series called ‘The 2020 Quarantine Christmas’! Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring different ideas about what you can do this festive season whilst staying safe.

The first post today is about how you can still keep in touch with loved ones, despite COVID restrictions. It is vital, more than ever, to ensure you are checking up on family and friends this festive season to keep spirits high! These activities are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces through these difficult times.

1. Post a handmade Christmas Card

Grab the pens and glitter, this is a fun one!

With the growth of social media and the internet, we can just send a text to a loved one to wish them a Merry Christmas, however, there is still a special charm of receiving a letter in the post. Therefore, this year why don’t you post over your Christmas wishes? You could either use a shop-bought card or even better, make one yourself! Spend the day and get everyone involved, especially the little ones, to hand-craft some cards to send off. Each one can be tailored to its recipient, making it extra special. Pop the masterpiece in an envelope and add a postage stamp and it is bound to brighten somebody’s day!

2. A Zoom ‘Bake Off’ or ‘Come Dine with Me’

A fun and scrumptious competition!

Whether baking or cooking is your talent, this is bound to bring the festive spirit. Grab friends or family to participate in a virtual baking or cooking competition. Each team has to make their item on a video call and then showcase it to the rest of the participants. Each team then has to vote on how the dish looks and the winner can be crowned as the ‘Christmas Cooking Champion’! This is a perfect way of sharpening up everyone’s cooking skills and keeping each other connected despite social distancing regulations.

3. A Virtual Secret Santa

Who picks the best presents?

Despite not being able to meet up in big groups for Christmas this year, you can still keep up your annual Secret Santa tradition or introduce it to your family or friend group. Using an online Secret Santa generator, such as Elfster https://www.elfster.com/secret-santa-generator each player can get assigned another player! Now get buying your gifts and post them just in time for Christmas. On Christmas day, everyone jumps on a video call and opens them together (but make sure you don’t tell anyone who you bought for). Everyone now has to guess who their Santa was!

4. A Recipe Exchange

Time to share the traditions!

Why not organise a recipe exchange? Everybody has a special something they cook every Christmas or even a secret family recipe that they cook in the festive season. 2020 is the year to share these special recipes so that everyone can give them a try. Get a group of friends together and share what you make every Christmas – make sure you all send products of your final creations to one another!

5. Email Santa!

WhyChristmas.com is where the kiddies (or you) can email Santa; and you will get a reply from his North Pole Desk post-haste!


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Ho ho ho, the Christmas countdown has begun!