Positively Chilled Out!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By MeganHall.

So, you’re looking to relax and detox but don’t want to spend loads of money at the spa?

Look no further, here are some treatments you can do at home, with ingredients from your kitchen. You can even invite friends or family over if you want to make your home-spa sociable; or alone if you want to really unwind.

Soothing eye treatments are an essential- and the simplest part of a home spa day! Cucumber slices are the classic, pop these on your eyes, lean back and relax for a minimum of ten minutes (longer if you want to really relax). This treatment minimises tired and puffy looking eyes, as it reduces the water retention surrounding your eyes.

Cold tea bags on your eyes is another great eye treatment – soak two tea bags in hot water (as you would when making a tea), remove them and then place them flat on a small plate in the fridge for a few hours, ideally overnight. Using the same method as above – lean back, relax and place the cold tea bags on your eyes. Different teas have different benefits for your eyes. Black tea is good for curing dark circles, lavender tea is good for dry eyes and green tea is good for puffy eyes.

Another really simple way to treat yourself is a steam facial. Fill a bowl with boiling water (carefully), then lean over the bowl while covering your head with a towel. Add some drops of essential oils for extra pampering. Use tea tree oil for acne-prone skin, lavender for oily skin and rose for dry skin or just steam if you prefer! This treatment will open your pores and leave your skin feeling fresh.

Facemasks (not the Covid 19 type)

Are super relaxing and should be part of any home spa!

Simply mix the natural ingredients together, apply to your face for a minimum of ten minutes and then wash off.

Here’s a few ideas but there’s more online:

Half a blended cucumber and 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt works wonders for oily skin or reducing puffiness

An uneven skin tone or texture is improved by mixing 1 tablespoon of natural-plain yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder or half an avocado and 1 tablespoon of honey helps to moisturise skin.

After a relaxing self-care day, you’ll be feeling extra positive! Grab the ingredients from your kitchen and start trying the above treatments. Put some relaxing music on and soon you’ll be super chilled out!

*patch test the facemasks on your arm for 15 minutes before applying to your face, to ensure your skin won’t have a reaction.

Count me in!