National Librarian Day

By Kia Clark.

It’s not all shelving, shushing and steering visitors to the right section you know... cue the stereotypical image of a bespectacled person pushing a trolley of books...

Librarians are really the keepers of knowledge and written-treasures the world over!

The role of the Librarian is constantly evolving to adapt to new technology and social needs. National Librarian Day is held on April 16 to help celebrate and honor Librarians. They are probably the most knowledgeable people in our local communities!

Professional Librarians, many formally educated in Library Science, are masters of complex cataloguing systems, make important purchasing decisions, liaise with local schools and universities, organise events, teach classes and much more.

During the pandemic Librarians have gone above and beyond to ensure library resources can be accessed remotely. Nick Poole, Chief Executive of CILIP, says:

“It has been tremendous to see the innovative and thoughtful response of libraries during the unprecedented times the nation has been facing. With Local Authorities reporting huge increases in the number of people registering with their local library (in some cases, a rise of 600-700%), it is evident that libraries have been a lifeline for many people in lockdown, keeping them connected to a world of books and reading and continuing to provide vital digital services.”

Librarians are an integral part of communities all over the world. Many offer language and citizenship classes, children’s reading time and champion equality and inclusion. They are the protectors of safe spaces for everyone.

CILIP, the Library and Information Association, host an annual UK Libraries Week. In 2021 this will run between 4th – 10th October. That’s plenty of time to keep an eye on the Libraries Week page and plan some fun library orientated events.

Sadly, public libraries have been under threat of closure for years and with Coronavirus having affected the arts and culture sector so deeply, it’s more important than ever to support the libraries that remain. Penguin provides five easy ways to support your local library. Many libraries are run solely by volunteers, this page lists volunteer-led libraries and the ways in which you can get involved.

Libraries don’t just house books. They play host to audiobooks, e-reader materials, board games. Libraries provide free access to computers, printers, records and a way to access new knowledge without barriers.

This page will help find your local library and discover what services they offer.

Google Arts & Culture offers you a private virtual tour of some of the most beautiful and amazing Libraries in the world. You can sit back, explore and enjoy using this link:

So, what are you waiting for? Have a chat with your local Librarian today. Ask what they’re doing, if there are any special events or projects running, how you can help.

“The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man” ― T.S. Eliot

Volumes of amazing stories await your discovery!