Love isn't cancelled!

By Hayley Brennan.

It’s that time of year again, when we start thinking about all things lovey dovey! Buying roses by the dozen, writing soppy cards and letting that special person know just how much we love and appreciate them.

With ‘Gift for him’, ‘Gift for her’ and ‘Engagement rings’ among the most popular current online searches; Valentine’s Day will no doubt hold an extra special meaning to those couples making the ultimate commitment this year.

How exciting!

And from the moment you become engaged, your imagination goes into overdrive! The dress, the bridesmaids, that venue you’ve always had your heart set on, the favours, the wedding breakfast, the guests. The list is endless! It’s such an exciting time for a couple; just starting to make plans and embark on that journey together.

But, understandably, the last year or so has been quite a different experience for engaged couples. Presenting challenges in every country, culture and industry; with the wedding sector being no exception.

But rather than being disheartened, let’s find the positives! After all, love isn’t cancelled :-)

So whether you are newly engaged and planning, or you’ve postponed your big day, or you’ve decided to compromise on a micro wedding, here are some reasons to stay optimistic:

● You can restart your countdown!

Remember the excitement when you started that first countdown to your big day?

Well you get to relive that experience! Count-down the days on a calendar, or download an app on your phone.

● You have more time to grow out your lockdown hair! If your other half/ turned lockdown hairdresser cut your hair a bit shorter/ wonkier than you’d planned, it’s okay because postponing your big day means more time to grow it out! You can grow it, nourish it and have beautiful locks by the time your wedding comes round.

● You can take some time out from the wedding planning and de-stress. Planning is stressful at the best of times and with many couples facing numerous changes to their original plan, it’s important to take time out to reassess and de-stress. Reschedule things, then take a step back. Take a break from emails and wedmin to take care of yourself.

● Compromising doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, altering your plans could make you reassess the most important factors of your wedding day. (Spoiler alert: It’s not the shoes/ cake/ favours. It’s the people you love the most that make the day special)

● Remember why you’re doing it. You’re either postponing or having a micro wedding for the health and safety of your guests. It doesn’t get more important than that. Give yourselves credit for making such difficult decisions at such a difficult time, for the best possible reasons.

● It shows the strength of your relationship. Having to create wedding plans from plan A.. right through to plan Z...shows what a team you are! You can have those challenging, planning conversations and you both make it work, together.

That’s marriage material right there!

● Personally, this year has offered a great deal of perspective on life and love. Allow yourself time to reflect on your own journey so far. Rediscover what is important to you and your other half and what you both want from the future. Times are challenging right now, but they will get better. Write a list of your shared dreams and goals to look back on when you’re married.

Cheers to you and your partner; you’ve got this :-)