Living through the Pandemic

By Julie Morris

Living through the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed so many things in our daily lives, including how we manage some of life's major milestones.

We take a look at the way people have needed to adapt their lives and plans to deal with this new changed world.

Life has changed for everyone during the pandemic. We’ve stayed home, worked and learned remotely, and navigated economic uncertainty as coronavirus upended life as we know it. However, for some people, that’s not all that has changed during the pandemic.

By choice or by force, people have experienced major life milestones during the coronavirus pandemic, and these didn’t look like they usually do.


For new graduates, what to do about their commencement ceremony was only the first of their worries. Most schools adapted their graduation ceremonies to the times with virtual and drive-through events. However, students were left wondering what to do next long after their robes were hung up and put away. For many, there was the question of whether to take a gap year or enroll in university knowing classes may remain online.

While there are no easy answers, new graduates shouldn’t feel bad about living with parents or taking up freelancing or gig economy work while searching for a full-time job. In the meantime, they can brush up on their video interview skills and take online classes to build the skills that can make them more desirable candidates when hiring picks up again.

Finding a New Home

Some people who graduated during the last economic downturn found themselves on the cusp of another milestone this time around: buying a house.

Millennials were wondering if low interest rates meant this was finally a sign they could afford to buy a home. While it might be a good option to buy a home during a crisis, it wasn’t a simple process as sellers were reluctant to list their homes and hesitant to let buyers in due to concerns over the virus. Buyers had to be flexible and view homes via virtual tours rather than traditional showings.

Moving house safely has been made even more challenging by making sure Covid controls and protocols are maintained and feeling somewhat even more stressed when restrictions or lockdowns are suddenly put in place just when you don't need them!

Finding Work

Heavy job losses across the country took a significant toll. The difficulties of finding employment made an uncertain time more fraught with worry and stress.

To offset this, many people found creative ways to generate income. Some turned to the gig economy or freelancing, while others found that this was a great time to launch a business — especially for services or products that help during the pandemic.

True, it may have felt risky to start a business during an economic downturn, but some simplified the process and lowered their risk by opting for a home-based business. For those with an idea with potential to be highly profitable, launching a venture was easier and cheaper than expected. Thanks to the internet, there was a wealth of free and low-cost services to help businesses get set up quickly.

Having a Baby

Having a baby during the pandemic was especially scary. Not only could attending prenatal appointments put people at risk of transmission, but expectant mothers also had to worry about giving birth alone as hospitals put restrictions on visitors.

Fortunately, pregnant women were able to take extra precautions to prevent illness, like staying home and using telemedicine for prenatal care when possible.

Screen Time

For most people our screen time and online usage has majorly increased with extended periods of time sitting on a computer or a phone for work, shopping, study and care needs.

You can help yourself by giving your mind, eyes, body posture and mental health a break by taking frequent and regular short or longer rest times.

A quick Google search can help find sites that have great tips and guidelines that can be very useful.

Take breaks, stretch often and try to get outside if you can, get some fresh air and go for a walk.

Life doesn’t stop for anything — not even a global pandemic.

While it has been somewhat scary approaching these major life changes in unprecedented times, people were able to take control of their situations - we are an adaptable and resilient bunch! Whether it is changing our plans, learning something new, boosting resumes, revising goals, or getting creative about how to find a new home or employment, the right solution is just around the corner.

Just keep going, perseverance at your own pace is the key.

About the Author

Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She thrives on helping others live their best lives. It’s easy for her to relate to clients who feel run over by life because she’s been there.

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