Keeping Your Balance vs Keeping Informed

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

By Tiah Harrison.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year! We are still in lockdown and unable to go back to life pre-2020... It’s also been the year of protests, with people coming together all over the world to fight injustice, inequity and support the protection of basic human rights and the planet; standing up for what matters!

We are all in this together

Are you close to overload?

On one hand, we want to make sure that we keep informed, it’s paramount to know the latest COVID regulations and how to keep in line with them.

It’s also fundamental to educate yourself on why protests such as #EndSars, in Nigeria are taking place and how we can help [click here if you want to read what is happening].

All this information can be quite heavy, especially if what you’re reading is close to home.

Here are some points on how to keep a balance between being tuned in and ensuring your mental health stays positive.

Limit your time on Socials

Screen time maxed out

Make sure you give yourself a break from social media.

While it can be the fastest way to keep abreast of what’s happening - it means you have to keep up with everything as quickly as it's put out there and you may not have enough time to process it.

Strategies that can help:

No phone usage before bedtime or in the bedroom at night. If you have to, use the lowest light or night-mode settings. The light and movement from your screens stimulates the brain, it keeps you in awake-mode! It is like if you were sitting right in front of a TV screen, your brain will be busy processing the lights and actions all night long.... Plan for wind-down time before heading off to bed, just like as the Sun sets before the night time sky comes out. This is your time to unwind and relax!

Check your phones or ipads (and some Apps also provide) screen-time-usage reports. You might be surprised just how much of your day is devoted to screen-time. Think about how much might be related to work, family, education or for leisure. Set yourself some goals and priorities, ie: limit time on some Apps, turn off notifications; work out what is the most important for you, maybe eliminate the time wasters... Try no phone usage while eating a meal with others or what about having some screen-free time.

Check out this recent film documentary #thesocialdilemma on the ways that Social Media is impacting our daily lives.

Vitamin D

Hello Sunshine

As we enter the Winter months, our moods are likely to take a dip with the decrease in sunlight. Why not try taking some Vitamin D supplements. Research suggests that Vitamin D can help to fight depression and regulate moods.

Sun exposure is best early morning and later in the afternoons. Always take care not to over-expose yourself to direct, strong sunlight, use sunscreen and GP's advise is always best.

Watch/Listen/ Read something lighthearted

Netflix/Amazon prime are bursting with lighthearted throwbacks to things we watched when we were kids or that just give us the giggles. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air just celebrated its 30th anniversary -- so it might be a good time to revisit Will, Uncle Phil, Carlton and the whole gang.

Fun, happy Movies, documentaries, TV Shows or good old fashion printed Books can have a "heartening effect" or as they say "chicken-soup for the soul."

Click here to see some our favourite Movies and happy Songs.

We also love Soul Pancake, their mission and work is amazing!!


Relaxation and mindfulness

It should go without saying, but we all need to rest. There is only so much information our brains can take in one day. We need to give it time to recover. This doesn’t have to mean sleep though! Why not take some time to do a guided meditation, yoga or just chillin out!

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that our health is so important. Make sure you take care of your Mental Health too! Take time for you!