Journaling... just for me!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Aaina Chopra.

I have been making to-do lists and daily plans ever since I started university.

I started out using the regular Student Diary, it would have about half a page for each day of the week and blank space below it to write what I needed to do, what I had on that day and sometimes how I was feeling. The pages sometimes felt limiting on days I had more things on my to-do list or if I had to write up some notes about a seminar I had been to. Thus, I decided to switch to a bullet journal.

Bullet journaling is a method that is used by many to organise their lives. I use my bullet journal more as a way of planning, it had allowed me to become more productive reflecting and meditative; it gives me space to be creative and enjoy the process of planning my life.

It's a journey...