Housebound Halloween ~ it's scary stuff!!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Sam Allen.

Here are some ideas and tips for 'Halloween-at-home' fun; let's face it... virtual Halloween parties just aren’t going to cut it...

1. Smashing Pumpkins!

There are some great, easy to create designs for your Halloween pumpkins out there on the internet (if like us you are a beginner and need a stencil to help you out). Happy, scary or cute designs it is a great way to celebrate the season and keep the kids entertained; just watch out for those little fingers!!

2. Halloween Costumes, closet scares!!!

Get the entire family involved in choosing Halloween characters and making costumes for everyone. It’s a good idea to give the kids head to toe costumes for an extra layer of safety when social distancing if you are venturing outside. When Mummy can be a real Mummy when you pull out the badges from the first aid kit! "I going to get you!!"

3. Trick or Treating in House, use your imagination - BOO!

That’s right, we are starting to think outside the box for different alternatives. Keep the kids happy by grabbing their favourite treats and getting them to open different doors in the house for their trick or treating – throw in an extra surprise by changing costumes before each visit (maybe use the doors with the most distance in the house to give you some time to change costumes). Gardens can be transformed with sheets, cotton webs and fake spiders (eww, sending shivers already...)

4. Play Halloween Games

There are some great games going around the internet to keep everyone entertained this Halloween. Our personal favourite is ‘Eyeballs in Spaghetti Brains’ cook some spaghetti and cool, grab some ping pong balls and draw some eyes on them, mix them through the spaghetti, use a timer and challenge everyone to take turns and grab as many eyeballs as possible in a set amount of time – whoever gets the most wins!

5. Devils Kitchen, something to get your teeth into!

As if we needed an excuse to bake some delicious treats but it turns out Halloween is the perfect time to get in the kitchen with the kids. Creepy cookies, monster muffins, spooky strawberries – be prepared to get messy but whatever you choose to whip up in the kitchen the best part (besides the eating) will be the creative decorations.

So everyone, great news, no need to cancel Halloween because of being in lockdown. Give an alternative a go – hang in there, the kids will find the fun in anything you do! Happy Halloween!

Have a kooky, spooky Halloween and don't forget to check under the bed!!