Help Save Our Koalas!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Aaina Chopra.

The aftermath from the Australian Summer Bushfires has been absolutely heartbreaking and completely devastating for everyone... This includes the emergency services personnel, local communities, farmers, livestock and the unique Australian wildlife that saw their natural habitat completely decimated.

While we know that Australians are definitely a resilient bunch, the impact from the Bushfires has resulted in the population of the Australian Koala Bears now being under major threat- literally on the edge of extinction! The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia is doing amazing work in trying to save these most amazing and very cute real-life teddy bears so they can continue to live their lives in the fragrant eucalyptus tree tops, munching, snoozing and still enchanting us all! (cue the ooo's and aah's)

The hospital was founded in 1973 as a small log cabin and 47 years later, the Koala Hospital now consists of a treatment room, 8 Intensive Care Units and 33 rehabilitation yards.

The hospital conducts several on-site procedures to injured and sick koalas. Between 200 and 250 koalas are admitted through the hospital each year, many of whom have injuries due to bushfires, motor vehicle accidents, dog or feral cat attacks. The rehabilitation yards in the hospital have a number of trees to ensure that all the koalas learn to climb and regain their confidence after their treatment.

The hospital is also affiliated with the University Sydney, University Technology Queensland and the Australian Museum, allowing it to be a centre for animal research. They also presented the First National Koala Conference in 2015, thus allowing for the hospital to be known worldwide.

The work of the Koala Hospital is possible because of many volunteers, over 140, who support the work of the hospital along with paid clinical staff. Donations are also vital so the Koala Hospital can continue doing the amazing work they are doing – thus we are proud to support the amazing work the hospital is doing through our Crowd Funder campaign!

We are here for you guys and keep up the amazing work!