Fluffy Bunny Tales

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

By Megan Hall.

A heart-warming, local charity that is doing amazing work is Fat Fluffs.

Based in Hampton-in-Arden, in the West Midlands, they carry out rabbit rescues and re-homing. The rabbits are given a safe place to stay until they find a new loving home. If the rabbits are unable to be re-homed, they are offered a permanent home at the sanctuary.

Fat Fluffs helps to re-home rabbits, an example of this is Ollie and Pablo (now Cinnabun and Willow). The bunnies were adopted in 2020 and are now enjoying a new home after settling in.

You can adopt rabbits for yourself from Fat Fluffs and provide the cutest bunnies with a loving and caring home. Remember that rabbits are social creatures (like humans) and enjoy the company of other rabbits, this is important if you’re adopting a rabbit or buying one from a pet store. You can find the full criteria for homing a fluffy friend here: https://www.fatfluffs.com/.

The charity has recently lost many of their regular volunteers, due to the coronavirus. However, things are looking brighter again, and Fat Fluffs is now looking to take on volunteers again! The sanctuary is full of rabbits again, who need to be cared for and need help finding new homes. Volunteers would need to be able to commit to one morning a week or fortnight and there are various tasks that volunteers can get involved with. If you’re interested, check out their website: https://www.fatfluffs.com/post/volunteers-needed or email volunteer@fatfluffs.com.

We love Fat Fluffs!