Dreaming of a home-made Christmas

By Santa's Little Helper: Hayley Brennan

'Christmas time, edible gifts are just fine'

Okay, so these festive lyrics are a bit different to the Christmas song we all know and love (Thank you Sir Cliff!) But it’s very true: edible, home-made Christmas gifts are fine. In fact, they’re more than fine. They are thoughtful, they show effort, talent and skill and you can personalise them.

Just for you

If your friend has a dietary requirement, simply adjust your recipe. If your mum loves chocolate but your sister loves festive spices, just whack their favourite ingredient into the mix! You can even get creative with how you choose to decorate your gift. And the best bit?... As the chief creator, you’ll just have to taste them as you go along!

Mmmm, presents that can be eaten! What’s not to love?

But…what if you’re not used to channelling your inner Nigella in the kitchen?!

Well, that’s not a problem. There are so many simple, easy to access recipes online with step by step instructions, you can’t go wrong.