Christmas time

Updated: May 6

By Santa's Little Helper: Tiah Harrison

The start of a new year always brings thoughts of a fresh start, renewal and hope for positive things. As we move into 2021, I’m sure that you don’t need anyone else to tell you how hard 2020 has been. But, it has...

Whether you were able to make some positive changes this year, or you had to deal with something difficult, or both, December is a time to look forward to the new year ahead. A time for hope.

A time for reflection

Personally, I always get quite nostalgic at Christmas. I get to spend time with my family and I start to think about what positive changes I want to make next year. I’m also not at work so it gives me time to just … think. Think about what happened this year from a different perspective. Could I have been more present? Should I have worked harder? Should I have rested more? Over the last few years, I’ve developed some habits that really make the most of December:

Reaching out

We’ve had to get creative (and technical) to speak/see our loved ones this year. Unfortunately for many of us, that won’t change at Christmas. However, hopefully, with the extra time you can dedicate more time to talking to your loved ones. Spend dedicated time with them over a Zoom call; playing some games, or watch a movie together online on Netflix Telearty.

Be more present

Unfortunately, I have got in the habit of wearing earphones wherever I go now. In December I try not to. I walk to places more and I’m able to notice new things. Or, often I meet new people who engage in conversation with me. Best of all, I notice people who may be struggling and need help getting their pushchair up the stairs or just with directions.


This is a long time favourite of mine. I’ve started to do this all year long now, but especially in December I make time to journal. I look at what positive things I would really like to start doing. Top 3 on my list for 2021 are:

1. Smile more -- it’s very underrated how far a friendly face can go to help someone

2. Try more -- there are so many projects that I haven’t started because I didn’t think they would get anywhere

3. Learn how to do the splits -- I’ve just always thought it was cool.


I try to give whatever I can in December. Sometimes that’s my time; like with being present, I make an effort to talk to the people I come across on my travels. Christmas can be an isolating time, this year will be even heightened. Just as a smile can, a conversation can go a long way for people. Especially those on the frontline/key workers. Asking about their day could really lift their mood.

Other ways I give are donating to charity, this is a list of some of our picks:


Pecan is an organistaion that serves the people of South East London. Helping them overcome seemingly impossible barriers to a better future

The Book Trust

The Book Trust raises money to send books and parcels to vulnerable children and children in care. For the first time, some parcels will be handed out through food banks to families facing hardship

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of foodbanks, helping people who need emergency help. There will be many more people who will need help this year. Donate to your local food bank or at a drop off point at your nearest supermarket.

Street Child UK

Street Child is working very hard to try to given children the chance to go to school and learn.

Currently there are 125 million school-aged children are out of education worldwide.

Millions more children are in school but failing to learn.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions put in place across the globe has set back years of hard-earned educational gains causing the biggest educational crisis since World War II.

Since the pandemic first hit, at least one third of the world’s school children have not been able to access any form of learning, close to half a billion students are still affected by prolonged school closures, and 24 million of the most marginalised children, of which almost half are girls, are at risk of never returning to a classroom.

Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty~ every child deserves a future.

Moving ahead

If anything, have any and as much fun as you can this December. Take all the small pleasures you can. You deserve it. COVID might not end at 12:01 January 1st 2021, but at least we can all draw a line under this year.

Have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and happy new year from all of us at Positive Bunch.

Christmas time, for everyone!

This post is a part of our ‘The 2020 Quarantine Christmas’ series! You can have a look at the previous articles on our blog and keep a lookout for more articles to make this festive season as special and safe as possible.