Christmas Market @ Home

By Santa's Little Helper: Megan Hall

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching fast, but due to the events of this year it might be a bit different. Some Christmas Markets have been cancelled already but this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festive fun!

It’s difficult to pick the best thing about Christmas Markets, the food, the decorations and the atmosphere are some highlights. For me, the food is the best part.

Every Christmas market will offer different dishes, so this article will cover some Christmas market classics!

Chocolate ~ anything!

Possibly the simplest festive market food to replicate, firstly melt some chocolate. You can do this in a microwave or by boiling some water and placing the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over the boiling water (be cautious). Select some goodies to get chocolate coated: strawberries, marshmallows, grapes, fudge, cake – the possibilities are endless! You can just dip them into the chocolate, or for that extra market effect, you can skewer them and then cover them in chocolate – yum!

"Chocolate Bombs"

Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread House

You can either bake your own gingerbread pieces and assemble into a house or if you prefer a simpler method, you can buy a gingerbread house kit (so you just put the pieces together!) – the only problem is it might look too good to eat!

Easy Gingerbread House

Alternative Gingerbread Houses (using Chocolate and Lollies)

Frankfurter vs Bratwurst

Whichever you prefer, they’re available to make at home! Most supermarkets will stock both types of sausage: Frankfurter or Bratwurst, so on your next online shop have a search for whichever you prefer! Or they should be available in store as well. Both can be served in a hot dog roll with ketchup or mustard as the classic option. Alternatively, you can create currywurst! The sauce is super simple; ketchup, curry powder and paprika mixed at a 2:1:1 ratio or to taste. For the meat, boil the Frankfurter or Bratwurst sausage (trust us) for a couple of minutes, then lightly cut horizontal lines into the sausage and finally fry for a few minutes. Add the sauce and enjoy!

Christmas Hotdog recipes

Jamie Oliver's Christmas Recipes

You just simply can't go past the awesome (and easy) video how-to recipes Jamie Oliver has on Youtube.

Superfast Chocolate Pots

Italian Hot Chocolate

Christmas Tips & Hacks

Yummy Christmas ahead!

This post is a part of our ‘The 2020 Quarantine Christmas’ series! You can have a look at the previous articles on our blog and keep a lookout for more articles to make this festive season as special and safe as possible.