Baubles and Glitter!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

By Santa's Elf: Aaina Chopra

Every year it is a tradition in my family for everyone to make an ornament to put up onto the tree. Over the years I have accumulated a few types of ornaments you can make for your tree this year! Grab your pens, paper and glitter and have a go a making your own Christmas Tree ornaments!

1. A Snowflake!

This is the easiest one – so a must-do for everyone! Grab a piece of paper and fold it over twice to create a small square. Now cut small shapes out of the square, these can be as random as you want! Unfold the paper to reveal a beautiful paper snowflake. Grab a piece of string and tape it onto the snowflake in a loop shape to create a wonderful Christmas tree decoration.

To watch a video on how to do this look here:

2. Decorating an old decoration

Got a decoration that has been lying around and hasn’t been on the tree for the last couple of years. Why not give it a new lease of life by redecorating it. Grab some paint, permanent markers or even some glue and glitter to get started. You can do this to a few old decorations to make them match, giving your tree a beautifully coordinated theme!

3. A Handmade Bauble

Save the cardboard from a toilet roll to begin this craft. Then cut strips out of the roll in order to make small circular loops (do about 7 or 8 of these). Paint, draw on or colour in these loops as you wish and then place these loops inside one another. Glue these together each intersection of the loop, to create a bauble. Add some string and showcase your masterpiece on your Christmas tree! To find a video tutorial on this technique, refer to this video from 2:39

4. A Pinecone Decoration

On your daily walk, grab a pinecone that has fallen for a tree and watch the magic happen. Decorate this pinecone as you wish – you could paint it or glue on some white glitter to the edges to give the illusion of snow! Tie around a piece of string to the top and pop it onto your Christmas tree – simple yet effective!

For some more ideas, you can look at the following videos:




5. Christmas Day Jokes for your Bonbons / Crackers

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