Autumn Equinox

By Tara Vaghela.

"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened." -Raquel Franco

On 22nd September, the northern hemisphere celebrates the Autumn Equinox - the beginning of Autumn. Due to the Earth’s tilted axis, the Sun shines equally on the northern and southern hemispheres only twice a year, and when this happens, it's known as an Equinox.

It is on this date in September when the day and night are both approximately twelve hours in length; this is the reason we use the word Equinox, as it means ‘equal night’ in Latin. It is after this point in the year that the night becomes longer than the day.

You may have heard of the Harvest Moon, it is a wonder which occurs within days of the Autumn Equinox. It is apparently so bright that farmers are able to work late, harvesting crops by moonlight. However, the Harvest Moon is not the only thing to illuminate the night sky at this time of year; there is an increased chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis light up the northern skies during this period.

In the UK, Autumn is a favourite season. This is because of its natural beauty and changing colours - leaves and foliage transform from an olive green to amber to burnt orange, crimson and finally golden brown.

The fashion world too mirrors these warm, vibrant colours; featuring warm layers, chunky knits and of course, it’s sweater weather!

The harvests of Autumn also bring a variety of flavour and colour to the dinner plates of the nation. Comfort food from tomato soup with tiger bread to pumpkin pie and crisp cinnamon apples. You'll find a number of Autumnal recipes here:

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, why not cosy up on the sofa in your sweater, in front of your favourite TV show and tuck into a pumpkin spice latte with toasted marshmallows and a slice of apple pie with homemade custard. Delicious!