Angels of Positive Change!

By Aaina Chopra.

Today we are shining the spotlight on an amazing organisation called Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels have a very special and vitally important mission: to improve health for vulnerable mothers and children.

Most of us probably include taking vitamins to help support or improve our health on a daily basis. We have relatively easy access to many different types, formulas and brands that we probably take it for granted. For many in developing countries, access to essential vitamins and nutrients can be scarce, non-existent or unaffordable. There are many major deficiencies that if addressed at an early age can stop major life-threatening illnesses, developmental and growth issues.

Ensuring everyone receives a chance at a healthy life is at the core of what Vitamin Angels do and thus their projects focus on limiting the impact of malnutrition through the use of vitamins. They currently work in 70 counties and deliver vitamins to millions of mothers and children.

Their work ensures that mothers and children are supported, allowing them to have long-lasting good health. They do this through the delivery of vitamins, such as prenatal multivitamins and vitamin A, as well as through projects which promote nutrition and safer breastfeeding.

Vitamin Angels is so important due to the vital role they play in filling the gaps. Whilst most governments provide health and nutrition services, often limited resources mean they cannot provide for everyone. That is where Vitamin Angels comes in, they aim to fill the gap and provide health and nutrition services to women and children who may have otherwise been excluded. They, therefore, provide services that complement and are coordinated with existing national health services. This is particularly important in developing states, where we can see that 30% of people do not have access to national health services.

The method that Vitamin Angels uses is a unique, sustainable one because they ensure they build local supply chains and work with local non-profits to distribute the vitamins.

Additionally, they ensure that the projects are locally funded and managed, meaning they are tailored specifically to the needs of the local communities.

The work Vitamin Angels are doing is exemplary and life-changing for many!

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