A Little Bit of Kindness Goes A Long Way!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

By Hayley Brennan.

I recently taught my nephew an impromptu life lesson while we were enjoying a sweet treat together... the significance of sharing your last Rolo.

Share Kindness and your Rolo's

After explaining to him that traditionally, we share our last Rolo with the person we really love; he pondered. You could see the cogs turning in his little mind as he looked at each family member at the table (followed by a tense moment where we thought it might just prove to be too tempting!)

Then he smiled, picked up his last Rolo and… gave it to his Nana!

The joy on both of their faces from this simple gesture was glorious! It brought a tear to Nana’s eye, and made my 5 year old nephew glow with pride.

It made me think. There are so many opportunities each day to bring a little kindness to others; we really should make the most of them! Here are some simple ideas to make someone smile today:

Kindness matters

Take the time to give a meaningful compliment.

Whether it’s a stranger in a shop with a gorgeous coat, a friend you can always rely on to be a great listener, or a colleague who just had a stylish new haircut.

Give compliments generously and receive them graciously.

Make a cup of tea, just because! Take the time to make a brew, just the way you know your partner, friend or colleague likes it. One lump or two?!

Reconnect with a friend, no matter how much time has passed. Reach out and let them know you care and remind them you are always there for support.

Thank you :)

Say thank you to someone who has helped you recently. Hearing a simple ‘I appreciate you’ makes everything worthwhile.

Write a message in the condensation on the bathroom mirror (a small gesture, but a lovely surprise!)

Be part of a good cause. Volunteer to be a phone befriender.

Help out at a local food bank. Donate a few pennies to a good cause.

Sign a petition to help make a change.

Even the smallest gesture can help enormously!

Give a small business a glowing online review. Your support will be invaluable to them.

Some great social-good projects:

#positivebunch https://www.positivebunch.com/

#helpingothers https://www.servicespace.org/

#payitforward https://payitforwardday.com/

Or, you could really challenge yourself by sharing your last Rolo!

Just for you!