2021 and the simple things!

By Tiah Harrison.

Congratulations! You made it to 2021. I know, you’re wondering if it will be any better? We here at Positive Bunch like to… well think Positive! Each day has been a lot. Truly, but we're here with something that we hope will uplift your spirits for at least an hour or two each day.

So, as this is being written, it's looking like we should only be leaving home for food, complete necessities and close proximity exercising. That’s fair due to where we're at right now, we couldn’t expect anything more. BUT, I promised something uplifting right.

Reading. Some of you might be feeling like this was a bit of an anti-climax. Hear me out. In a time where we can’t escape what’s going on, literally and physically, what better way to escape than through a book? Whether you’re transported to the snowy fields of Winterfell, or the booming and aromatic markets of Lagos, or even the smog filled streets of London (in a time where COVID isn’t even a word), just make sure you’ve been taken to a land far far away. Distraction is a necessity right now and can be used as a healthy coping mechanism.

For anyone that hasn’t ventured into the pages of a book for a while, you might need some direction. You’ll want some kind of encouragement and assistance.

For you and anyone else that’s interested, there are book clubs.

Something that might once have been associated with stay at home parents/partners and school children, is now becoming much more popular thanks to online video meets.

(shout out to anyone has shares in Zoom!)

These are some book clubs that might tickle your fancy. (Try it, you might like it)