What Is Positive Bunch?

Positive Bunch started from the idea of a providing a simple community-based platform that can help connect people from around the world through their common interests, passions and share things they love. Positive Bunch UK based, registered social-enterprise, our focus is to maximize the impact of social-good. We choose to reinvest our resources and funds into helping local communities, social causes and initiatives. Social Enterprise's are Companies or Organisations that are driven by a social-mission; passionate and working hard to make the world a better place for everyone. Contributing their efforts, resources and funds to help realise equitable and positive outcomes. Positive Bunch Community Membership is available for free to Individuals. Content, Posts and other Members of the Network are only available or able to be seen by Registered Members of the Network. ie: you have to be a registered Member to be able to view content and participate.

How To Get Started?

Become a Member:

  1. Click to Join and Register a Community Members Account via this website.
  2. You will be directed to the New Member Registration Page.
  3. Complete the requested details.
  4. You will be sent a Verification email to your email address used for Registration. Click the Link.
  5. If you need help at any stage, you can use the Contact Us Form and we will get in touch.
  6. Please review Members Code of Conduct, Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.
  7. Members have access to their own Profile Page, Network & Friends Activity, Content Sharing, Messaging, Topics & Forums, Events, Social Media links and Groups. Our aim is to keep Members News Feeds Ad-free.

How can I set up my Account and Profile Page

On Registration of your Account, you will be asked to enter the following:- Create a Screenname To protect your Privacy we encourage the use of Screennames (not your real name). This is something you wish to identify on the Network with out having to use your First or Last Name. eg: Brightspark265 You will be asked to select another screenname in case a selection made already exists. Upload A Profile Photo Please upload a photo or image that you would like to have displayed and associated with your Account. This can be changed again at any time from "My Page". Account Profile Page Once you have completed Membership Registration and Account creation, on your first-time-login you will be directed to your Profile Page. Profile Page "My Page" settings: Click to make changes to your Profile, upload a new Profile Pic, upload a Banner image. You can change your settings. Make sure you click Save after any changes. Refresh your Browser to see the lastest changes you have made. My Page - About Me You can update some details about yourself in this area. This will be seen by other registered Members on the Network. Joining a Group Under Groups, see which Groups might interest you and click the Cover Image to enter; then Click Join Us and you will become a Member. Read Page on Groups. Check out the Positivity Blog and other pages.

Donations to Positive Bunch

Donations can be made to Positive Bunch through the secure, online payment Gateway.

All Donations received go towards the development of the Community, the platform and services we can provide.

Proportion of our funding is given to support other social-good, non-profit, rescue and humanitarian causes.

Every litle bit helps, nothing is ever a wasted- we positively make sure of that!

Hearts of Gold

An open hand of friendship and caring for others makes the world of difference; everybody needs a friend!