The Social Sunshine Community


Positive Bunch is a not-for-profit social-enterprise initiative, started from the idea of providing a simple community-based platform that can help connect people from around the world.

A way to find new friends through common interests, share and support positive things that can help make life just a little bit brighter!

Our Commitment

Positive Bunch ethos is that we want to focus-on; and maximize the impact of social-good. We choose to reinvest our resources and funds into helping local communities, social causes and environmental initiatives.


Being a Positive Bunch Member means together we can help spread a little bit of Sunshine to others and in some cases; help turn a negative into a positive!

Our Values

Integrity, Friendship, Inclusive, Equity, Happiness & Sharing.

Helping our Members connect with others who share the same interests and passions.

Giving back to our Communities, supporting social-enterprises and social-good organisations.

What is a social- enterprise?

Social Enterprise's are Companies or Organisations that are driven by a social-mission; passionate and working hard to make the world a better place for everyone.  Contributing their efforts, resources and funds to help realise equitable and positive outcomes.


Positive Bunch social-enterprise was formed from this ideal, to bring people together, share the things they love, support others and help bring some "sunshine" to others.


We are UK registered entity with a small and highly dedicated team.

We hope you enjoy being a Member of the Positive Bunch Community!


Looking to Connect?

Share what you love, and have fun!